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Vitamin D


uv tanning

Why tan indoors?

Whether you get your tan indoors or outdoors, you skin produces a tan the same way - by absorbing ultraviolet light.  When you tan outdoors there are a large number of factors that affect how much ultraviolet light you get - sky conditions (clear vs cloudy), latitude (how far north/south you are), altitude, time of day, season, the type and strength of sunscreen; the list goes on.  Fifteen minutes today may give you a tan; fifteen minutes tomorrow could burn you badly.
By tanning indoors you are in a controlled environment where you get a consistent amount of ultraviolet light day in and day out. Exposure times are determined by equipment and trained professionals that take into account previous tanning sessions as well as the tanner's skin type. In this way your tan gets a chance to develop properly without burning.
Many people mix indoor and outdoor tanning - the indoor session gives them the controlled exposure and gets the tan started; they can now go outside, put on sunscreen and enjoy the day, replenishing the sunscreen as necessary.  This is the best of both worlds. This is SMART tanning.
People are often confused about tanning. It's not surprising. Some doctors, even dermatologists, are confused or misinformed. The truth is that a sunburn (or erythema) is your skin's worst enemy. Sunburn is an injury to your skin caused by uncontrolled overexposure to ultraviolet light (outdoor sunlight). This injury doesn't turn into a tan.

That's why tanning in an indoor, controlled environment is so much better. It allows you to control exactly what kind of light and how much of it your skin receives. It also allows you to eliminate many environmental variables that can't possibly be controlled outdoors.

  • What's even better? There is proven, scientific research to show that controlled UV exposure received in a non-burning fashion outweighs the risks. Here's the research to prove why:
    Tanning beds with UVA and UVB are good sources of Vitamin D. (The Lancet Medical Journal) Sunlight is the only reliable source of Vitamin D and provides the requirements for most of the world's population (Boston University)
  • Vitamin D produced from controlled UV exposure is activated in the body by the liver, kidneys, breasts, ovaries, colon and prostate. The activated form tells your cells to grow properly, thereby helping inhibit cancer growth.
    (Dr. Michael Holick, Boston University)
  • Regular exposure to controlled UV light treats osteoporosis and osteomalacia.
    (Journal of Gatroneurology)
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), with symptoms such as sadness, insomnia and carbohydrate cravings, is most common in northern areas where exposure to sunlight in the winter months is significantly decreased.
    (National Institute of Mental Health)
  • Exposure to controlled UV light increases the body's ability to metabolize cholesterol, leading to a 13% decrease in blood cholesterol levels (New England Journal of Medicine)
  • Studies indicate that exposure to controlled UV light may have similiar effects as exercise: a decrease in blood pressure, a lower resting heart rate, and a 39% increase in the heart's output of blood. (University of Frankfurt, Germany)
  • Reports from the National Psoriasis Foundation indicate that 80% of those suffering from this skin disease improve when they are exposed to controlled UV light.
  • Ten minutes of exposure to controlled UV light one to three times a week has been demonstrated to reduce the frequency of colds up to 40.3%. (Dr. Z. Kime, Sunlight, World Health Publications)

As an added bonus…..you will look and feel great!!!!

So what is one of the things you can do for great results and a LONG_LASTING tan?

MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE. Using a high quality moisturizer will help replenish the vitamins and nutrients that are lost during the tanning session, keeping your skin smooth and younger looking while helping you maintain the color that you love. We carry some of the best moisturizers in the industry – ask us for recommendations.

Another secret: switch your tanning lotion and boost your color with spray tanning session every two weeks.

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spray tan

Spray Tan overview
Spray tanning is becoming more popular because of the instant colour you get.  In minutes you can get a deep brown tan that will last for approximately 7-10 days.    It's perfect for special events like weddings or proms, or when you just want to get rid of tan lines.  If you are one who does not like the idea of tanning inside or outside but still want/need some colour, this is the perfect solution.

The solution we use at Majestic Tanning contains DHA - a sugar-based product - to coat your skin. This "sets" into your skin by reacting with the proteins and amino acids to turn your skin a nice shade of brown.

Our sunless offering consists of what is called "airbrush" tanning, which is done by a trained staff member who "paints" a tan onto your body with a spray gun.  It is NOT a booth that showers you with solution that you then have to wipe off - it is personally applied to ensure that the right amount of solution is used in the right places to ensure the best result.  Additionally, our service allows for part-body tanning (face/neck, or legs only, for example) so that you can simply tan the areas that need it (upper body for strapless dresses, for example).

Skin Care
A typical tan, whether achieved through standard UV exposure or from an airbrush/spray session, will last approximately 5-10 days before fading. In order to help you make it last as long as possible, please try to follow the guidelines provided below.  We will ensure that you leave the salon with a great tan but after that we have no control over it - it is up to you to take care of it so that it lasts as long as possible.

What to do BEFORE your spray tan session

  • Bathe/shower the day before your session. Avoid using bar soaps as they will dry your skin and leave your tan patchy and flaky.
  • Shaving, manicures, pedicures and facials should be done at least one day prior to your tanning session. Waxing should be done TWO days before the session.
  • Shave and exfoliate with an exfoliating scrub. This will rid the skin of dead skin cells enabling the tan to last longer. While a loofah or nylon scrub will do the job, a soft cotton washcloth will work best.
  • No makeup, perfumes, oils or lotions on the day of your session. These can affect the absorption of DHA (the sunless tanning ingredient) resulting in inconsistent color.
  • Deodorants should also be avoided. Spraying over deodorant can result in green rings around the arm pit and is difficult to remove.
  • Bring dark, loose fitting clothing and flip flops or pedicure sandals to wear afterwards. Tight clothing can rub the tan completely off in most areas.
  • Bring/wear the clothes that you want to wear during your session.  You may wear as little or as much as you like, it is up to you, your level of comfort and your expectations from the session. Be aware of straps, ties, etc that may cause tan lines in the wrong places.
  • Most important - if you're getting this done because of a special event, keep in mind what you will be wearing for that event and bring appropriate clothing to use for your session. The last thing you want is to get sprayed in a strapped bikini top when your dress is strapless.
  • Exercise care with your clothing choices:  the tanning solution WILL wash out of cotton and linen. Synthetic and leather materials should be avoided as there may be some staining.
  • If you're planning a wedding or other special event, plan on two sessions - the first two weeks ahead in order to ensure that the colour and coverage is proper and to allow for complete fading if the colour isn't right; the second two days before so that you have the best colour and coverage for your event.

What you should when you START your spray tan session

  • Remove all jewellery.
  • Change into the clothes that you are going to wear for your session. 
  • Apply barrier cream to non-tanning surfaces. This includes palms, fingers, toes, nails and space between the fingers and toes. 
  • Tie your hair up and back.
  • During your session, move only if and when instructed so that we can ensure proper coverage. Moving or adjusting clothing may cause some smudging of the solution and affect the end result of the session.

What you should do AFTER your spray tan session

  • Remember that, once you leave the salon, we have no control over your tan. It is up to you to take care of it to make last as long as possible.
  • DO NOT sit directly on leather or light fabric seats and furniture after your tanning session. The bronzer will not stain but should still be washed as soon as possible to prevent the colour from setting. Sit on a towel or cloth instead.
  • Do not shower for at least 6 hours after your session – if possible wait until the next morning.
  • Until your first shower:
    • Do not exercise immediately following your sprat tan. Excessive perspiration can affect the tanning process and the end result of your tan.
    • Be careful when washing hands and other activities as this may cause the tan to wear unevenly
    • Avoid any kind of water as much as possible as this may cause streaking or loss of the tan.
    • Wear loose clothing to prevent the tan from rubbing off.
  • For your first shower, rinse with water only.  During this shower you will see color washing off. This is just the surface color that was applied and is normal. Your skin will continue to tan as the self-tan reaction occurs on your skin.
  • When showering; use an alcohol free body wash, or shower gel. These contain less alkaline than regular bar soap.

To make your tan last as long as possible, AFTER your first post-session shower:

  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! At least twice a day. Hydrated skin makes your tan last longer and slows down the process of natural skin exfoliation.
  • DO NOT use moisturizers with oil, petroleum, petrolatum, Vaseline, baby oil, mineral oils. They are not only bad for sunless tanning, but they are a bi-product of crude oil that coat your skin and do not allow it to breathe, which actually dries your skin more. It may cause your tan to dry up quicker and flake off unevenly.  Our salon provides super-hydrating moisturizers and tan extenders to not only help you enhance your tan but keep it lasting longer.
  • Avoid exfoliating skin and using hair removal products.
  • Avoid perfumes and oils - they may change the chemistry of your skin and result in uneven fading.
  • Use an alcohol-free body wash, not regular soap. Bar soaps rub the skin, accelerating exfoliation.
  • When showering use hands instead of a washcloth.
  • When shaving, use a new blade to limit the amount of skin removed.
  • After all showers, pat your skin dry rather than rub. For even better results, air-dry your body instead of using a towel. Moisturize immediately afterward.
  • Taking long hot baths can accelerate exfoliation and fade your tan.
  • Be careful when swimming or soaking in a hot tub. Bear in mind that chlorine and bromine are bleach and salt is an exfoliant - both will cause your tan to fade faster if care is not taken. If you plan on doing either one, get a waterproof sunscreen and apply it thick and often. The sunscreen will act as a barrier between the water and your skin. It MAY help prevent the chlorine/salt from affecting your tan, but no guarantees. Moisturize immediately after being in the water. 

As your tan starts to fade, you may notice a little patchiness since some areas of your body will fade faster than others.  Some ways to handle that:

  • Exfoliate the darker-affected area so that it is a constant shade.
  • Purchase a bronzing extender that will return some colour to the affected areas. Apply with a tissue or wet-wipe so that you can blend it into the proper colour. Do NOT apply these with your hands as your palms will absorb the colour.

What is DHA (Dihydroxyacetone)?

DHA is an acronym for Dihydroxyacetone.
DHA is an ingredient derived from sugar cane and beets, which reacts with the amino acids in the skin to create the darkening reaction or tan.
Will solution stain my hair?

A. No. Most people will not see any affect on the color of their hair. Customers with light blonde, gray or platinum hair may see some discoloration from the cosmetic bronzers initially; however, this color will wash out with the first shower after the session.
If you prefer, you can wear a hair cap, but it is not necessary. Note: when wearing a hair cap, make sure to pull the cap back to expose the hairline and behind the ears, otherwise you will create a hard line around the forehead and temples.

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So Why Use lotions?
It is a fact that you will get a Deeper, Darker, and Longer lasting Golden Tan with the use of a quality lotion.
The secret to a fast, natural sun tan is finding the perfect combination of high-quality equipment and results-driven lotions for your skin. Not only do we have the best of both, but we also employ an incredibly well-trained staff who and are there to help you pick out the combination of beds and lotions that best suits your skin type.
It is also important to switch up your lotion to continually stimulate your skin and enhance your results. Don't forget your moisturizer and specialty products designed to help preserve and prolong your tan by replenishing the moisture and nutrients lost during the tanning process.

Does a tanning lotion REALLY help me get a better tan?

Yes. Indoor tanning lotions also known as "accelerators" add nutrients your body needs to produce melanin. Our line of quality accelerators contain vitamin A, C, E, and botanicals that moisturize and increase blood flow, thus increasing oxygenation of melanin cells to help speed up the tanning process. UV rays reflect off of dry skin, the moisturizers in tanning accelerators help you absorb UV rays for better results. You will tan about twice as fast and keep your tan twice as long.
Indoor tanning lotions ensure that your skin is best prepared for its exposure to tanning rays, and maximize the tanning experience.  Here are some good reasons why you should consider using a quality tanning lotion:

Excellent skin care - lotions are scientifically designed to rejuvenate your skin cells for noticeably younger and smoother skin.  Most higher-end lotions use the same high-quality skin care ingredients that you would find in products such as L'Oreal, Oil of Olay and many others.
Moist skin tans more quickly and efficiently than dry skin. This means that you get better tanning results with fewer visits. Using a quality lotion can actually save you money AND give you a deeper, darker, more natural tan.
Darker results - achieve up to 50% darker results than what your skin can do naturally. This is done by adding ingredients that promote extra melanin production.  Some lotions contain extra bronzing agents that will give you extra colour that will last 5-7 days longer.
Hydration - lotions add then seal the moisture in your skin.  Hours after your session your skin will feel softer and smoother, and look darker.
Dry skin prevents you from getting a decent tan. How?

Dry skin reflects UV light, preventing it from producing or reacting with the melanin deeper in your skin.
Dry skin flakes/rubs off quickly, taking your hard-earned tan with it.

You should use tanning lotion for your skin for the same reason you use shampoo or conditioner for your hair - it enhances, softens, moisturizes and improves the look and feel of your hair. The same applies to your skin.


Can I use outdoor oils and lotions in the tanning bed?

Simply put the answer is NO.

They cause damage to the tanning beds; therefore we DO NOT allow their use at our salon.  
Outdoor products are formulated differently from indoor products and they produce better results when used outdoors as the name indicates. The use of outdoor products in tanning beds actually inhibits the tanning process, rather than acting as an amplifying agent.

We carry a variety of excellent products to suite the various needs of our clients.  Please ask one of our trained staff members and they will be happy to advise as to which product in which bed will give you the best desired outcome.

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Far Infrared SAuna Massage Bed

First Session is always FREE
If you haven’t heard of our Infrared sauna massage bed or haven’t tried it (FIRST SESSION IS ALWAYS FREE) you will be simply amazed at what it can do for you. (We encourage you to read this section and watch the videos links and see what the Doctors are saying)

Far infrared penetrates the body up to 2". Near infrared which is regular heat only warms the surface layer of the skin.  Infrared saunas differ from traditional saunas because they operate at a temperature of 90-145 F compared to a traditional sauna that operates at 185-230 F. This allows you to be able to breathe comfortably and enjoy the benefits for extended periods of time. Because the infrared rays safely and comfortably penetrate the skin up to 2" deep, even your organs and deep tissues are stimulated. This induces sweating 2-3 times as much as a conventional sauna

Based on the information provided by the Global Health Resources Centre, the following are the Health Benefits of using Far Infrared Massage Bed

DETOXIFICATION- The analysis of far infrared sauna produced sweat shows that is made up of 80 to 85% water, the remaining 15 to 20% contains sodium, other trace minerals, fat soluble toxins, sulphuric acid, uric acid, ammonia, cholesterol and heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and mercury (This is up to 6 times the amount of toxins and heavy metals found in traditional sweat). These toxins are most concentrated just under the skin in the subcutaneous layer of the body and are associated with numerous health problems. A simple way to increase sweat production is to exercise until you break into a sweat, or you can use far infrared sauna therapy (FIRT). Far infrared sauna therapy is a far more effective method of removing these toxins because its effect is concentrated on the subcutaneous tissue layer.  Scientific analysis shows infrared heat induced sweat contains 5-6 times more toxins, fat and impurities than normal sweat.  So relax in our infrared sauna massage bed and enjoy its unsurpassed ability to eliminate stored waste (metabolic wastes, environmental toxins, city pollution, fat, cholesterol, heavy metals, alcohol, nicotine. One U.S. study has indicated that people using a conventional sauna were eliminating 95-97% water in their sweat. Those using an infra-red sauna, however, were found to be eliminating only 80-85% water, while the remaining 15-20% was mostly composed of undesirable elements such as sodium, fat soluble toxins, sulfuric acid, uric acid, toxic heavy metals, ammonia, and cholesterol.

WEIGHT LOSS- Because our body expends energy to produce sweat (1g sweat requires 0.586 kcal), this means that your body can safely burn up to 300 to 500 calories in just one 30 minute session; with sweat loss equivalent to running 10-15km. As an added benefit, your basal metabolic rate rises meaning you will burn calories at an elevated rate for hours after your session has finished. This can translate to a benefit of up to 800 calories from a single session. With all that said, engaging in 30 minutes of exercise at least 3-5 times per week and eating a well-balanced diet is still part of a healthy lifestyle and should not be solely replaced by using a Far Infrared Sauna for weight loss

HEART BENEFITS - In a 2005 article from the Journal of Cardiac Failure Japanese researchers studied the use of far infrared sauna therapy with patients who had systolic congestive heart failure. The study included 15 hospitalized patients who used a far infrared sauna daily for four weeks. Thirteen of the fifteen patients had reduced blood pressure and an increased exercise tolerance after only four weeks of therapy.

There are numerous studies that have been published that show that using far infrared sauna therapy can be a successful and supportive therapy for patients who are currently faced with cardiovascular disease. From a preventative point of view, using far infrared sauna therapy can be a pro-active, safe and enjoyable way to decrease risk factors for stroke, heart attack and atherosclerosis. For those people who are undergoing care for cardiovascular conditions, far infrared sauna has been clinically shown to improve outcomes and quality of life.

PAIN RELIEF - the deep heat helps blood vessels dilate, bringing relief and healing to muscle and soft tissue injuries. Increased blood circulation carries off metabolic waste products and delivers oxygen rich blood to oxygen depleted muscles, so they recover faster. Worldwide, radiant heat therapy is widely used to treat patients suffering from many forms of arthritis. Far infrared therapy has been effective in providing pain relief to those suffering from back pain, sprains, strains, bursitis, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, headache, and many other muscular-skeletal ailments.

INJURY HEALING - During this stage the deep heat of far infrared sauna therapy helps blood vessels dilate, bringing relief and healing to muscle and soft tissue injuries. Increased blood circulation carries off metabolic waste products and delivers oxygen rich blood to oxygen depleted muscles, so they recover faster. All in all, Far Infrared sauna therapy is an excellent addition to any muscle and joint rehabilitation program. Far infrared sauna therapy has been great in helping to reduce downtime caused by colds and flues as well due to its effect on the immune system.

STRESS RELIEF & RELAXATION - Stress is one of the most detrimental factors to our overall health. A Far North Wellness far infrared sauna is the perfect way to relax and let life’s pressures melt away in the soothing warmth. Far infrared sauna therapy has been shown to promote a rebalancing of the body’s hormones through its effect on the autonomic nervous system, reducing the negative physical impact of stress on the body.

IMMUNE SYSTEM - Firstly, the gentle warmth created from the heat of the far infrared saunas raises the internal body temperature which in turn mimics a type of artificial fever. This stimulates the body's immune system to turn on and get busy producing more of the different body defence cells that can be used to combat any foreign invaders. Secondly, far infrared sauna therapy stimulates full detoxification of the body. Detoxification can be defined as "the process of reducing the build-up of various poisonous substances in the body".

SKIN CONDITIONS - far infrared sauna's deep acting infrared heat helps to develop and maintain the body's capillary network. This increases the blood circulation especially to your skin's surface. Together with infrared heat's super cleansing effect, users have seen a noticeable improvement in skin texture, complexion and tone. It has been shown to relieve acne, eczema, psoriasis, burns and also to remove roughness and decreases scarring. Far infrared sauna therapy supports the body's ability to heal on its own because you're eliminating through the skin more effectively and increasing blood circulation. It also helps with the inflammatory response that the skin is often suffering from resulting in fewer and less severe outbreaks.

Read and watch related videos

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Vitamin D

Vitamin D overview
The professional indoor tanning industry is in the business of providing cosmetic tans. However, tanning lamps that emit some UVB light - and most of them do - have been shown, by peer-reviewed research, to stimulate the production of Vitamin D in the skin and elevate the blood levels of Vitamin D in the body.  While it is not necessary to develop a base tan to produce sufficient amounts of Vitamin D, and while dietary supplements are an alternative, sun exposure is the body's natural way to produce Vitamin D. The indoor tanning industry believes that, for those individuals who can develop tans, the cosmetic and Vitamin D-related benefits of non-burning exposure to ultraviolet light in appropriate moderation outweigh the easily manageable risks associated with overexposure and sunburn.
That being said, there has been a lot of press about the advantages of Vitamin D and how the best source is non-burning exposure of the body to UVB light.  We provide a number of links to a number of sites that provide the information you need to make an informed decision about this important subject. We try to present a balanced look.

Clinical Links
Lets first look at the research and clinical details:

Trade specific & local Links

and now for some more local and colloquial sources that show that it's not just trade-specific.

The Ottawa Citizen:

Vitamin D touted in battle against cold, flu
Vitamin D may curb type 2 diabetes risk


Vitamin D levels linked to lower cancer rates

National Post:

Low vitamin d linked to heart ailments
Vitamin D dramatically cuts cancer risk: researchers


Low vitamin D may be a bigger problem than thought

The Globe

Vitamin D casts cancer prevention in new light

Edmonton Sun

Let the sunshine in

Vista Magazine (Canada)

Safety of the Sunshine Vitamin
The Sunshine Vitamin - Don't Be Underexposed

Dr Mercola website

Slash Your Prostate Cancer Risk - With Sunlight!
Vitamin D - The Master Key to Optimal Health
One Hour Video - Vitamin D Lecture clears confusion
Mercola Vitamin D Resource Page

Other recent articles

KPBS: Cancer Specialist: Sun Exposure Does Not Cause Melanoma
Norfolk Dermatology Dept, UK: Melanoma Epidemic - A Midsummer Night's Dream?
The Sun-Scare Campaign Turns 30

Natural News

The Truth about Sunlight, Cancer and Vitamin D
The truth about tanning beds: They boost Vitamin D production