Our commitment is to continuously source the best indoor tanning & skin care products available in the industry so that our clients receive best possible results out of their tanning sessions

 What does that mean? – it means, we are looking for:

  • Products that contain the best accelerators
  • Products that allow the skin to maintain its colour longer
  • Lotions that are specifically designed and formulated with the best ingredients for indoor tanning
  • Products that contain super-hydrating and skin-replenishing ingredients that are essential to achieving healthier looking, long lasting tan
  • Products that contain high vitamin and mineral complexes

We take great pride in the products we carry and the results we help our clients achieve

In our search for superior indoor tanning products, We have found the following brands to meet every criteria we set out:

Designer Skin, Swedish Beauty, Australian Gold & California Tan and lines such as JWOWW, G Gentlemen, Kardashian, Hemp Nation.