Majestic Tanning offers custom personalized spray tans.  Why do we offer this over a booth?

Firstly not everyone or every body is the same;

  • not in height
  • not in size
  • and therefore not in needs

Providing a personal touch allows us to pay close attention to areas that a spray booth just can not do.  Especially if there are areas that need to be evened out due to tan lines. We've all seen what poor Ross had to go through in the Friends episode.  No one needs that.

Secondly, when we are in the room with our clients, we build a personal relationship and get to know what their desired outcomes are.  This helps us to customize the session to their needs.

Lastly, Our solution is fortified with DHA, aloe and vitamins and fueled with triple bronzers for the deepest, darkest, most natural tan possible. combine these with what we stated above and you get amazing results.

don't JUST take our word for it, read what our clients have to say

Paige PPaige Peden

Beautiful space, great atmosphere! All the staff are very sweet. Highly recommend Karma if you're getting a spray tan, she does them perfectly.

Before coming in for your spray tan, read our to do list to prep your skin

Spray tans can be purchased in a variety of pkgs