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Your spray tan is a completely cosmetic tan and does not provide protection from the sun’s rays. It can last anywhere  from 3-7 days, depending on how you care for it.  Here are some tips on things to do before your session so that you get the best results possible.

Keep in mind - if you're getting your spray tan for a special occasion such as a wedding, grad, Christmas party....etc.  keep in mind what you will be wearing. for example don't come to the session in a bikini with straps if you're going to wearing a strapless dress.

Also for your special occasions , think about planning for two session; the first two weeks ahead in order to ensure that the colour and coverage is proper and to allow for complete fading if the colour isn't right; the second two days before so that you have the best colour and coverage for your event.


MOISTURIZE your whole body for a few days leading up to your spray tan session

SHAVE your legs and any other areas of your body on the day before otherwise you may end up with a spotty look as your skin pores will be open if you do it on the day of

EXFOLIATE / SCRUB your body and work on any dry patches like your elbows, ankles and knees

AVOID perfume, deodorant. moisturizers and make-up on the day of your spray tan.  these act as barriers and could definitely effect the results of your tan

NOTE - Please bring something dark, loose and baggy to wear on the way home after your tan.  Wearing something tightfitting will definitely effect the tan leaving streaks.


  • Remove all jewellery.
  • Change into the clothes that you are going to wear for your session. 
  • Apply barrier cream to non-tanning surfaces. (palms, fingers, toes, nails and space between the fingers and toes). 
  • Tie your hair up and back.
  • Avoid moving or adjusting clothing as it will cause some smudging of the solution and affect the end result

after pic 3

Now that you have your beautiful spray tan, how do you take care of it.  Here are some pointers.

AVOID WATER not the drinking kind, the showering kind. Once your new spray tan is applied, you need to avoid contact with water for at least 6 to 8 hours. Overnight is best. This will allow your tan to develop properly

FIRST SHOWER your first shower that you take should be more than a “rinse” and try not to shower more than once a day – note you may notice some rinse off colour, this is to be expected it is not you spray tan coming off.

AVOID SOAPS & LOOFAHS get your hands instead on DHA-friendly products that will not harm your tan

PAT DRY instead of rubbing your skin

MOISTURIZE regularly to keep your skin soft and hydrated

SWEATING This is a hard one for those who love to exercise and work out so if you can avoid activities fun and not so fun which will cause you to sweat

SHAVING & EXFOLIATING keep any shaving required to a minimum and if you feel you need to exfoliate, only do so very lightly to help remove dead skin cells

SWIMMING & SPAS the chemicals and chlorine (ocean salt water, salts baths, fruit acid washes, chemical peels ) used in pools and spas can cause your tan to fade prematurely. If possible avoid for at least 24 hours

DID YOU KNOW - Your spray tan could look slightly different each time.  The reason is that your skin is a living organ which can be affected by many elements such as; what you eat, how you look after your skin and the weather.  A good rule of thumb is try and drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated.

As your skin naturally exfoliates, your skin will lighten and your tan will fade naturally. Once the majority of your tan has faded away you can start to exfoliate with your choice of exfoliating product. This is especially important before your next spray tan appointment.