the top 3 reasons why people choose our personal spray tan over a spray booth

1. Personal touch

  • not everyone is the same size or height.
  • With our precise process, we are able to meet the exact needs of each client
  • We get to know our clients personally and get to talk to them about results they are looking for

2. Touch-ups & Blending

  • With our personal touch, we can focus on specific parts of the body needing the most attention
  • We are able to even out or blend existing natural tans

3. Results

  • There is no question or argument that the personal touch can produce better results than a booth simply because the attention we are able to give as stated above.
  • But even if that wasn't enough, we take this a step further with our custom formulation fortified with DHA, Aloe, vitamins which is also fortified with triple bronzers, resulting in our clients receiving the best results possible

If you want pay money to be treated like a car wash and go to a booth (remember Ross) that's fine.  But we're sure you will agree that if you want the job done right (especially for a special occasion like a wedding, grad or a Christmas party), you will choose the personal touch.

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